Grammar Test 2

Welcome to your Grammar Test 2

1. Robert made this T-shirt _________.
2. If _________ then what I know today, I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.
3. Neither of the books______ me
4. Each of the boys______ a book now.
5. The number of books in this library______ large.
6. The death rate would decrease if hygienic conditions _________ improved.
7. Take _________ measures you consider best.
8. A supermarket is _________ a shopping centre.
9. The company is sure _________ the new product will boost its profits.
10. This car is _________ than mine.
11. Please remember _________ this letter.
12. _________ this construction is over, the building will look different.
13. They stopped _________ the old model in order to promote a newly released one.
14. Mr. Kim's suggestion was _________, and some concepts were difficult to understand.
15. Vietnam becomes _________ to foreign tourists.
16. Customers _________ our online store complained about the slow shipping.
17. There _________ increased concern about our competitors for the last year.
18. If I were to leave my country, I _________ disappointed.
19. Ms. Taylor is _________ intelligent that everybody respects her.
20. Please tell me what _________.
21. I need to find _________ investors for this business.
22. We need to finish the report by next Friday at the _________.
23. Ms. Sanderson _________ for a marketing firm before she came here.
24. The annual conference _________ in the Chicago Convention Center.
25. A new assistant can _________ within a month.
26. We tried _________ the fire out but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the fire brigade.
27. When _________ out the application form, please make sure it does not have any typos.
28. _________ big bonuses last week, all the employees seemed pleased.
29. The lawyer is dedicated _________ helping small businesses in trouble.
30. You should prepare the contract _________ duplicate.
31. If I weren’t working for an accounting firm, I _________ in a bank.
32. Four years far from homeland _________ to make me love it more.
33. Physics ______easy, ________?
34. Many changes _________ to the construction plan because the president didn’t like it.
35. You can get a full refund _________ 30 days of purchase.
36. Fortunately, neither the driver nor the passengers _________ injured.
37. My new glasses cost me _________ the last pair that I bought.
38. The final will be _________ the midterm.
39. Camping is hard if you’re not used to _________ on the ground.
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