Grammar Test 3

Welcome to your Grammar Test 3

1. Someone must have taken my bag. I clearly remember _________ it by the window and now it has gone.
2. I think they are now accustomed to _________ 12 hours a day.
3. _________ sales, we decided to advertise our products in the local newspapers.
4. _____ have been sent to all of the individuals who requested them.
5. Anyone _________ in working abroad should talk to a supervisor.
6. Gyeong Designs recently changed its marketing _____ to target hotel and restaurant owners.
7. This lawyer always _____ high fees for his consulting services.
8. The construction of the new _____ was delayed due to a lack of fund.
9. We’re welcoming _____ regarding our new proposal.
10. The _____ is now available on the company bulletin board.
11. Please submit all project proposals for _____ no later than the third Monday of the month.
12. Dortel negotiated with several books _____ last year for his new travel memoir to be published.
13. Products made by Izmir Vitamins are designed to promote _____and well being.
14. Ulrich Electronics will provide free _____ of any entertainment system purchased by June 30.
15. The _____ from Westmore Corporation will speak at the conference this weekend.
16. Performance _____ are conducted by many companies to check their employees’ strengths and weaknesses.
17. The number of _____ reached 50,000 in the Music Festival last night.
18. The price of the cotton shirt seems reasonably ____
19. The printer _____ by a new model next week.
20. You are in good shape. Have you worked out in the gyms ____?
21. The red light _____ that a message has been sent.
22. The prices of breakfast and swimming pool _____ in the total hotel price.
23. We are unable to process newly _____ books until next week.
24. Please accept the _____ coupon book as thanks for opening your personal account.
25. _____ to our magazine this June will receive a 20% discount.
26. Since I am your long-term _____ customer, I hope you will give me complimentary coupons.
27. The national park is known for its very ____ garden, where there are a variety of flowers and trees.
28. I look forward to with you to _____ discuss the ways my skills may best serve City Engineers.
29. As a manager, you are responsible for _____ these rules with your staff.
30. My friend was _____ from her job yesterday.
31. Workers at the Accounting Department have a _____ to ensure that the company funds are not wasted.
32. The survey among our _____ revealed that they were satisfied with the salary and benefits the company offers.
33. I want translation software that _____ English and Japanese into Korean.
34. A large percentage of graduates are _____ careers in high-tech industries such as IT security, programming and software development.
35. The _____ on who could be hired for that position did not seem legal.
36. All the employees were asked _________ the meeting on Saturday.
37. You can visit our website to find more _________ information on our products.
38. What was the _____ of inviting the media to last week’s meeting?
39. Mobile headsets were returned to the manufacturer because they arrived in _____ conditions.
40. The new director’s _____ has proved to be effective in making this year profitable than ever.
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