Part 5 TOEIC Practice Test 1

Welcome to your Part 5 TOEIC Practice Test 1

In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed.

: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book.

101. ------ account will be credited after we receive the returned merchandise.
102. Late entries for the cake decoration contest will not be ------.
103. The newspaper has seen an ----·- in the number of subscribers who read the online version .
104. Every attorney at the firm of Duncan and Hulce has practiced law ------- more than ten years.
105. Prethart Tool Company has created a more ------- drill than its previous models.
106. To find out if an item on this Web site is in stock, ----- highlight the item and click the "Check on it" button.
107. Mr. Jones---- Ms. Cheng’s clients while she is on a business trip to Hong Kong .
108. The Jossty Company offers insurance policies to renters at the lowest rates ------.
109. ------- the Editorial Department receives the author's final approval, the manuscript should be sent to the printer.
110. Sidewalks in the town of Newburgh are ------- one meter wide.
111. The housing authority has formed a ------ to look for new construction locations.
112. A recent study has found that those ----- regularly read food labels tend to be healthier.
113. If you are not ------- with your Electoshine toothbrush, you may return it for a full refund.
114. DG Feed Supply has shown strong growth heading ------- the end of the fiscal year.
115. Book fair volunteers may be asked to work longer shifts if the need -----.
116. On Tuesday, Mr. Molina will visit the Seoul office for the first time ------- becoming vice-president of operations.
117. Attendees said the fireworks were the most - - - -- part of the festival.
118. The interview panel felt that Dinah Ong's education fit the job description of junior accountant----.
119. The new software makes it possible to track purchases ------ at multiple points-of-sale.
120. ------- the next few months, Camion Vehicles will add more features to its sedans.
121. Altona Printing is expecting a ------- upturn in holiday card orders in the next few weeks.
122. By creating innovative packaging -------, EK2 Beverages hopes consumers will reuse their water bottles.
123. Throughout her tenure at LPID Systems, Ms. Patterson has - - - - at defining complex concepts in simple terms.
124. Winslet Food Service has ------- to expand the cafeteria's menu offerings.
125. ------- the results of the customer survey, we may consider extending the store's evening hours until 9 P.M.
126. Yerrow Cameras' lenses have a long telephoto reach yet an - - - - - lightweight casing.
127. After postponing her studies for many years, Ms. Ruiz ------- earned a degree in law.
128. A favorable report on the ------ of Seesom Eyewear convinced the partners to invest in the company.
129. In Monday's meeting, Mr. Ito ------ the need to hire enough workers for the peak season.
130. Pugh Tower won the Best New Building Award for its creative ------- of sustainable materials.
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