Vocab Test 1

Welcome to your Vocab Test 1

1. To apply for the position, please submit the _____ with necessary documents to the HR department.
2. Customers may request a refund or a _____ only if the merchandise is still unused.
3. Maintaining an emergency account will ensure that you have _____ to cash when you need it.
4. In his current role in new product development, Mr. Kumar aims for_____ in new sports equipment.
5. For a brochure explaining the city’s _____ to encourage recycling, please contact the secretary.
6. Last year, our company ___ seven successful new phone models.
7. After____your business’s operating needs, we will be able to help you choose the tools that enhance your results.
8. The organizer will ____ all participants with a detailed conference schedule.
9. Joe Hopkins was praised for taking a much-needed restructuring measure in a ____ manner.
10. The stereo equipment you order is currently ____ so we will fulfill your order immediately.
11. In my opinion, the company’s stock price is ____ low compared to its annual earnings.
12. Our meeting will take place____ at 3 p.m., so please be on time.
13. Please go to the information desk ___ after we finish the session to return your visitor’s pass.
14. The owner of Pergini Builders estimates that the construction will take ___ eighteen months to complete.
15. It takes a lot of money to conduct a(n) ____ to find out customers’ needs.
16. The ____ was established in 1977 to help poor children in the world.
17. The secretary ____ a ticket to New York.
18. We have to take _____ to deal with the problem.
19. Living further from the city center will ____ your rental costs, but it affects your commute.
20. They decided to renovate the _____ facilities in the factory.
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