Vocab Test 2

Welcome to your Vocab Test 2

1. Our current subscription rate will be effective until further _____.
2. From the first days the book becomes ____, fines have to be paid at the rate of $2 per day.
3. It is always better to use public ____ during rush hour.
4. A study found that government _____ on building permits have led to better city planning.
5. With the _____ of Internet-based recording software, the traditional music industry faces a challenge.
6. Warehouse employees must ____the safety guidelines as outlined in the company manual.
7. You can make a call or send an e-mail to make a(n) ____ with Dr. Stewart.
8. Clearwater features a recreation _____ that includes a playground, a fishing pier and camping area.
9. Pressure to reduce costs and increase profits have led managers to search for creative ways to improve staff _____.
10. Siesna Electronics products are evaluated for quality and ____ rigorous technical specifications.
11. We paid $500 million to ____ the profitable computer software firm XBR Technologies.
12. New employees should ____ personal forms to their supervisors for extended holiday.
13. Rose Chemical Corporation is proud to present an____selection of new materials.
14. Scientists around the world are making _____ efforts to develop the new vaccine.
15. Local officials will present a(n) ____ plan for financing much-needed improvement on the high-speed rail line.
16. It is ____ that candidates prepare themselves to work on any shift.
17. The report suggests that ____ advertising be planned in order to increase sales.
18. Our profits are expected to grow ____ thanks to the aggressive management of our new director.
19. You need to recharge the device after any ____ use.
20. All new employees have to ____ the orientation on company policies.
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