Vocab Test 3

Welcome to your Vocab Test 3

1. This year our company has witnessed a ____ growth in expanding our business to other Asian countries.
2. We need to discuss it in detail before we _____ any kind of conclusion.
3. They tried to ____ the disease from spreading.
4. Lawton has announced that it will ____ increase its nonstop service from Crasen to Hopley.
5. The company is going to hire a ____ to help us with our management problems.
6. All employees working in the assembly area will be ____ to take a course on machine operation.
7. They ____ renovated the stores in order to attract more customers.
8. The budget cut made our project ____ more difficult.
9. We will discuss who is ____ for the position.
10. ICD Co. announced that it would ____ a new product next year.
11. The company decided to ____ the workforce in the Maintenance Department.
12. It usually takes a lot of time and effort to _____ to a new environment.
13. They _____ a simple survey to find out about their customers’ needs.
14. The R&D team is going to _____ the new product.
15. Your company should take ____ action to solve the problem.
16. Many companies took _____ of the recent rising oil prices to raise the prices of their products.
17. We plan to ____ our service contract with INC Shipping for another two years.
18. Patients should call the emergency line immediately if they experience ____ changes in temperature.
19. The ____ report shows that Chilean wine’s market share increased this year.
20. H&P Co. is one of the _____ companies in the field of fashion.
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